Motorcycle accidents are often defended by insurance companies and not settled due to perceived wrongdoing by the bikers which the insurance companies often rely on in refusing to offer any money in a settlement. Driving at too fast a speed, driving recklessly, and not fully complying with the motor vehicle code are often what the insurance companies allege about the bikers to avoid any compensation.

Many personal injury firms who do not handle motorcycle accidents on a daily basis will only handle the cases in which easy settlements may be achieved because of unquestionable liability. These law firms will shy away from, refuse to take on, or ask to remove themselves from any case in which an insurance company announces that they are defending the case, and thus possibly requiring the case to go to a jury trial.

This is where your Lehigh Valley motorcycle law firm steps in. Thomas, Conrad & Conrad takes on the difficult motorcycle liability cases from the beginning, knowing full well that a tremendous amount of top notch legal services will be necessary to achieve the substantial recovery to which the Thomas, Conrad & Conrad motorcycle client is entitled. Even though there may be no fast and easy settlement, motorcycle accident litigation Attorney Erik J. Conrad and the other Thomas, Conrad & Conrad motorcycle attorneys will work tirelessly in achieving trial verdict awards or settlement recoveries unmatched by other law firms claiming to work in the field of motorcycle accidents. “Working in the field” falls well short of the vast amount of motorcycle accident litigation experience developed over the past 25 years while Thomas, Conrad & Conrad has represented the Lehigh Valley’s injured bikers on a regular and daily basis.

Thomas, Conrad & Conrad has successfully obtained millions of dollars for victims of motorcycle crashes who come to Thomas, Conrad & Conrad at a point in time when their original personal injury attorney rejects the case after that attorney’s minimal work and effort has not achieved a fast and easy settlement. In other words, many attorneys do not want and are unwilling to go to trial on your behalf. Too much work, not enough trial experience, and/or insufficient resources to fund the medical and liability experts needed to successfully litigate a motorcycle accident crash with serious injuries are all factors which will prevent your claim from ever resulting in the maximum recovery to which you are entitled.

Not all personal injury attorneys are true personal injury trial attorneys. Do not compromise your case by going to a settlement mill type of firm. In other words, a law firm that never achieves the maximum recovery for what your case is worth since they achieve their goals by the quantity of settlements versus the quality and amount of the awards. Victims are often coerced into accepting settlement amounts substantially below the true value of cases because the settlement mill personal injury attorneys do not want to go to trial. As such the insurance companies never come close to offering the clients of these law firms the maximum value of cases since there is no threat of the case going to trial and risk to the insurance company of paying substantially more at trial. The insurance companies have a history with these settlement mills and the insurance companies are fully aware that less than full value settlement offers are likely to be accepted.

Thomas, Conrad & Conrad is the exact opposite. We are a trial personal injury law firm. More specifically we are a trial motorcycle crash law firm who successfully litigates substantial injury motorcycle crashes every year which are being defended by insurance companies. Because of our reputation, not only do we have a great rate of success with cases proceeding to trial, but also the Thomas, Conrad & Conrad motorcycle victim clients get the benefit of maximum value settlement offers from insurance companies prior to any trial. The insurance companies absolutely know that Thomas, Conrad & Conrad tries cases and that when Thomas, Conrad & Conrad is forced to try cases they successfully achieve maximum amount jury verdicts, and therefore insurance companies are dissuaded from taking Thomas, Conrad & Conrad motorcycle crash cases to trial.

In other words, unlike the clients of settlement mills, Thomas, Conrad & Conrad motorcycle clients will receive maximum settlement offers before trial. Why? Because insurance companies know that if they go to trial they will pay the maximum amount anyways because of Thomas, Conrad & Conrad’s success in motorcycle crash cases proceeding to jury trials. As such the majority of Thomas, Conrad & Conrad cases will settle for the maximum value for which your case is worth without the need for a trial.

Once again in 2018, Thomas, Conrad & Conrad, the Lehigh Valley motorcycle law firm, continues to obtain six and seven figure settlements and jury trial awards for its clients. Thomas, Conrad & Conrad continues to maintain its reputation in the biker community as the place to go for a maximum recovery and for a law firm willing to fight and defeat the insurance company defenses often raised in an attempt to deny motorcycle crash victims any recovery for their injuries.