$12,700,00 Recovered in Liquor Liability Lawsuit

Three innocent people were tragically killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver and the establishments that over-served him alcohol. The three victims were driving home from a funeral when they were struck and killed by the drunk driver.

Drunk Driver Injured Victim Attorney Serving Eastern PA

Driving drunk is a frequent occurrence on roads across Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, innocent victims often suffer the dire consequences of such conduct. If a drunk driver has affected you or someone close to you, our DUI accident attorneys are ready and willing to fight for your rights. Over the years, Thomas, Conrad & Conrad has been awarded large sums in liquor liability lawsuits for motorcycle, motor vehicle, and truck accidents. Our DUI accident attorneys work to see Pennsylvania drunk driving laws upheld.

Dram Shop Claims

Thomas, Conrad & Conrad drunk driving accident lawyers can look past the person behind the wheel and determine if your case qualifies for a possible Dram Shop Claim (lawsuits against taverns/bars who serve visibly intoxicated patrons who then cause injury to innocent victims by their actions). A dram shop lawsuit allows drunk driving injured victim attorneys to pursue monetary damages from the business that serves the alcohol to an intoxicated customer. Consequently, the business is liable for the damage their customer may bring to persons or property after leaving the establishment. To avoid a personal injury case of negligence, an establishment serving alcohol must keep close watch regarding the intoxication levels of their patrons to protect surrounding members of the community.

Thomas, Conrad & Conrad’s success in pursuing dram shop cases was again on display in Monroe County this year. A $935,000.00 recovery was obtained for a woman who had suffered a broken arm, foot, and leg as a result of a car crash caused by a drunk driver who had been drinking at a local bar.

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