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Our strong reputation in the Lehigh Valley and across Eastern Pennsylvania brings us many calls from women and men in extremely challenging situations.

The attorneys at our firm are accessible and easy to talk to, whatever your situation – including threats or allegations of domestic abuse.

If you feel you or your children are endangered by a spouse, significant other, or someone else in your household, please contact the police now – and then contact us for the legal support you’ll need to keep you safe.

It is equally critical to work with a caring, skilled attorney if you face false or exaggerated allegations of domestic abuse, and we are a balanced legal resource prepared to protect your interests in this pivotal time.

Obtaining or Defending Against PFAs – Proven Family Law Representation

With decades of combined experience, we know the laws, courts, and procedures associated with domestic violence and abuse in Pennsylvania very well. You can count on receiving sound practical guidance whether you:

  • Need to seek protection from abuse (PFA) order against a person who has abused or threatened you
  • Are facing false or exaggerated allegations that may lead to or have resulted in a PFA
  • Are engaged in a contentious divorce or child custody dispute in which domestic abuse or allegations of criminal behavior are involved

Domestic abuse is a serious issue in Pennsylvania and strict laws are in place to protect victims and prevent avoidable tragedies.

To work with an attorney who will hear you out and offer sound guidance about your spousal abuse, harassment, or stalking situations, please contact us at Thomas Conrad & Conrad now. We will provide the flexible and full-service advocacy you need in this challenging time.

If you are the victim of domestic violence and you need help due to family violence or domestic violence, we are here to help. Our first step will be to obtain a PFA: Protection From Abuse order. You have the rights and we will help you exercise them.

Protect yourself and your family with a PFA. This order is enforceable by the police and can be obtained quickly. Stop the violence and get the protection you need.

If you are accused of domestic violence and you feel you are being falsely accused, contact Thomas Conrad & Conrad.

It is important for you to know that if you violate a PFA order, you could be facing an ICC (Indirect Criminal Contempt) hearing, and looking at up to six months in jail. To show up at an ICC hearing without a lawyer is not in your best interests.

Courts take these hearings very seriously and so should you.

Flat Fees on Our Legal Services

Flat fees are available in many types of matters (no-fault divorces, custody conferences / hearings, property settlement agreements, support conferences / hearings, protection from abuse hearings, adoptions, etc.).

Flat fees avoid the unknown, unexpected, and often excessive attorney fees resulting from hourly fees and large retainers charged by most attorneys for these same types of services.

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