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At Thomas, Conrad & Conrad Law Offices, our brain injury lawyers have seen the devastating physical, emotional, and financial consequences traumatic brain injuries can have for victims and their families. A brain injury can cause life-altering, permanent damage that may require costly hospital stays, surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing care. Our skilled and compassionate legal team is dedicated to helping victims of TBI and their families recover the maximum compensation they deserve to get the care and resources they need.

Causes And Types Of Brain Injury

According to the Brain Trauma Foundation, approximately 2.5 million people suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year. About 50,000 of those injuries result in death, and more than 80,000 people suffer permanent disability. Brain injuries are most often caused by slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle crashes, being struck or colliding with an object, assault, sports accidents, medical malpractice, and complications during childbirth.

There are four main types of brain injuries, including:

Concussion: A concussion is a minor brain injury that can occur from shaking, an impact to the head, and even whiplash. Concussions can lead to headaches, memory loss, trouble concentrating, mood changes, depression, and disorientation. Multiple concussions can be particularly dangerous, especially if another one occurs before the first concussion heals.

Contusion: Brain contusions involve bruising of the brain tissue, much like bruises that appear on the skin after an injury. Bruises are caused by the breaking and leaking of small blood vessels, which can cause a multitude of issues in the brain. Brain contusions are typically caused by an impact to the head and often occur in motor vehicle crashes and sports-related accidents. The brain may be damaged directly under the site of impact and/or on opposing sides from the point of impact if the brain is shaken and slams into the opposing sides of the skull. Like concussions, contusions can range from mild to severe. They may cause an injured person to lose consciousness and experience confusion, sleepiness, emotional distress, and agitation. Severe contusions can also cause swelling of the brain and impede proper oxygenation, which can lead to brain damage and other serious consequences.

Penetrating Injury: Penetrating brain injuries occur when an object pierces the skull. When an object, hair, skin, or fragments of the skull make contact with the brain, it can cause serious injury to a concentrated, or large, part of the brain. Penetrating brain injuries can have devastating consequences, including permanent disability or death.

Anoxic Injury: An anoxic brain injury happens when the brain is deprived of the oxygen it needs to work properly. Lack of oxygen for just four or five minutes can cause brain cells to die and brain injury to occur. Because oxygen is carried to the brain by the blood, this type of damage often occurs due to a blockage of blood flow caused by serious trauma, heart attack, or stroke. In other cases, lack of oxygen can occur from an umbilical cord being wrapped around a baby’s neck during childbirth, suffocation, carbon monoxide poisoning, choking, and anything else that restricts the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Long-Term Effects Of Brain Injuries

People who suffer from a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury may experience effects such as:

  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Seizures
  • Fatigue
  • Visual and other sensory impairment
  • Depression, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Aggression, anger, and other personality changes
  • Permanent cognitive impairment
  • Increased risk of degenerative brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s

Recovering From A TBI

It is possible to recover from a brain injury, but it may involve serious challenges and setbacks. Even if you think you’ve suffered a minor injury like a concussion, it’s important to seek medical attention right away. New symptoms can develop in the weeks and months following an accident, so it’s vital to see your health care provider to deal with and prevent complications. Our skilled brain injury attorneys at Thomas, Conrad & Conrad can help you get the treatment you need so you can focus on healing while we litigate your traumatic brain injury case.

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