10 Examples of Reckless Motorcycle Behavior

Overturned motorcycle
It’s important to understand your rights. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Thomas, Conrad & Conrad can help make sure you’re treated fairly and get the compensation you deserve, based on your injury and suffering. Here are just some examples of reckless motorcycle behavior that too often leads to preventable accidents.

Reckless Motorcycle Behavior Types

1. Inconsistent Speeds
Motorcyclists riding at speeds much faster or slower than surrounding traffic. Excessive speed drastically increases the chance that a cyclist will lose control and collide with a fixed or moving object. Moving at unexpected speeds creates a startled reaction that causes drivers to overreact.

2. Riding A Motorcycle Beyond The Operator’s Expertise
Cyclists sometimes purchase a high-performance motorcycle while they’re still learning to ride. This can lead to a collision or accident due to failure to control the bike.

3. Riding In Groups
Bikers riding in groups often cause accidents due to distracted driving. Cyclists who’ve been riding less than a year should avoid large group riding, and more experienced motorcyclists should consider meeting up with buddies instead of swapping stories on the road.

4. Operating A Motorcycle While Under The Influence
After consuming alcohol or recreational drugs, cyclists are much more likely to lose control or exercise poor judgment — judgment is impaired after a single drink.

5. Performing Tricks Or Racing On The Highway
Motorcyclists who race or do tricks, such as popping a wheelie, are distracted and often miss obstructions in the roadway or misjudge the distance between vehicles.

6. Tailgating
It’s often the cyclist who gets hurt no matter who’s following whom. For example, when a motorcyclist stops short, the car behind them can’t stop in time, and the person on the motorcycle usually goes flying.

7. Failure To Signal
Everyone — including pedestrians — needs to know what a motorcyclist or driver is planning to do. Any vehicle suddenly changing lanes creates a hazard that can end in a collision.

8. Running Red Lights Or Stop Signs
The worst accidents outside of the highway take place in intersections. No one should be in such a hurry as to race through a red light or stop sign.

9. Distracted Driving
Whether you’re watching something interesting along the side of the road or in a passing vehicle, texting a friend or trying to have a phone conversation, behavior that takes your attention away from the road can cause you to miss seeing a driver or cyclist changing lanes or taking another action.

10. Failure To Yield
This is likely the most common cause of motorcycle spills. Cyclists change lanes without notice and a driver already in the lane fails to yield or doesn’t see the motorcycle, often resulting in an accident.

Some of these actions may not seem as reckless as others, but any activity or lack of attention that put others at risk on the road is reckless and avoidable behavior.

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