Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Sometimes Deal with Biased Jurors

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All human beings carry biases that can influence their perceptions and decisions in some situations. At Thomas, Conrad & Conrad, our motorcycle accident lawyers in the Lehigh Valley understand the factors that can contribute to juror bias in cases involving motorcyclists. We know how to present compelling arguments and evidence that break through these biases and help to ensure our clients get a fair trial.

Combating Stereotypes

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are sometimes seen as reckless outlaws or thrill-seekers who cause havoc on the road. These inaccurate perceptions are often due to stereotypical portrayals in films, TV, and other media. Motorcyclists are frequently associated with rebellion, danger, and wild behavior. These stereotypical portrayals can lead to jurors subconsciously assuming that a motorcyclist must have been engaging in risky or dangerous behavior when an accident occurred. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to use evidence and examples to counter these stereotypes that may influence a juror’s perceptions of whether a motorcyclist was at fault for a crash.

Riding a Motorcycle May Be Perceived as Inherently Risky

Jurors may perceive riding a motorcycle as riskier than other modes of transportation. This perception can lead to jurors assigning more blame to a motorcyclist when an accident occurs, regardless of the circumstances. Even when evidence indicates that a motorcyclist was not at fault, a juror may struggle to overcome their preconceived notions about the dangers of motorcycle riding. Some jurors may even believe that motorcyclists shouldn’t be on the road at all. This type of clouded thinking can influence their ability to deliver an impartial verdict.

Limited Understanding of the Dynamics of Motorcycle Accidents

Many people have limited knowledge when it comes to the mechanics and dynamics of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle crashes are very different than car accidents, which are more familiar to most jurors. Motorcycle accidents involve unique factors such as maneuverability, balance, and visibility issues. Jurors lacking knowledge or understanding in this area can struggle to grasp the complexities of motorcycle accidents. This can lead to misinterpretations of evidence and biased decision-making.

Personal Experience and Prejudice

Jurors’ personal experiences with motorcyclists can significantly influence their perceptions of these accidents. Those who have had negative encounters with motorcyclists, such as witnessing reckless driving or being involved in accidents themselves, may harbor subconscious prejudices against motorcyclists. These biases can cloud jurors’ judgment and affect their ability to objectively evaluate the evidence presented in court.

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