Motorcyclist Awareness of Summer Roadway Conditions in Pennsylvania

Motorcycling in summer is one of the favorite pastimes of Pennsylvania residents and visitors alike. As the blooms of spring fade into the warm days of summer, taking a trip on your bike can be just what you need to warm yourself after a long winter. With almost 400,000 motorcycles registered to Pennsylvania residents in 2015, the state has among the highest numbers in the union.

Safety Awareness Throughout the Year

While May might be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the reality is that you need to prioritize safety every single day. The spring awareness is designed to remind drivers who might have put their bikes in storage for the winter that safety is essential to enjoying their motorcycling in summer experience. Whether you intend to ride your bike to work during the summer months or enjoy the breathtaking road trips available in Pennsylvania, you need to pay special attention to the roads and other drivers while you are riding.

Motorcycling in Summer Rain

Although you might plan for an afternoon ride in the sun, Mother Nature might have other plans. Should the rain start falling, stop riding if you can until the storm dissipates. If that is not possible, remain calm and alert. In addition to the hazards typically associated with riding a motorcycle, you should also beware of:

  • Manhole covers and other street work
  • Slick or oily surfaces
  • Puddles, which might be deeper than expected
  • Railroad tracks
  • Solid debris hidden by deep waters on the road

Motorcycling in Summer Heat

It is easy to overheat during the summer, particularly if you are distracted by the road. In order to ensure your safety while motorcycling, you should take regular breaks for hydration. Water and electrolyte-rich sports drinks are good choices; alcohol and soda aren’t.

Minimize accidents by taking defensive driving courses for motorcyclists or related safety training programs. These lessons will provide invaluable tips on improving your responses to the potential dangers on the road. For instance, maintaining an appropriate distance between you and other vehicles and avoiding the blind spots of other drivers around you.

Before you take your motorcycle on the road this summer, you should have a complete maintenance check performed. Make sure that your fluids are topped off, including the fuel, and that your tires are safe. Along with defensive driving techniques and proper planning for the weather, you should be able to enjoy the roadways of Pennsylvania throughout the summer season.

If you are in a collision while motorcycling in summer, or any time of year, you need to seek professional assistance with your case. While you can take steps to prevent such occurrences, such as using reflective devices on yourself and your motorcycle, unfortunate accidents can still occur. However, you can reduce the chance of that and the risks associated with accidents that do happen by using these tips.


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