How to Properly Prepare and Protect Yourself Against Potential Rear End Motorcycle Collisions

As a motorcyclist, hitting the open road for a ride is one of the most enjoyable activities available, particularly in the summer. However, whether you are on a back country road or a bustling interstate, safety must be your first priority. Take steps to protect yourself, your bike and to prevent potential rear end motorcycle collision.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around one-third of motor vehicle accidents each year involve a rear end collision. Although you cannot control every driver on the road, you can use the following precautions to increase your motorcycle safety:

Stay Focused and Aware

While riding your motorcycle, you are sure to appreciate the sights and happenings around you. The changing seasons, advertisements and other distractions vie for your attention as you travel down the open roads. However, you must be sure that the road conditions and other drivers are part of your awareness zone.

Avoid traveling in the blind spots of other drivers and check your mirrors frequently, including during stops. You should have two rear view mirrors strategically placed to ensure you have a functional view of the road behind you. Practice checking them regularly while riding to avoid a motorcycle collision.

Upgrade Your Lights

One key to avoiding a motorcycle collision is to be seen by the other drivers on the road. Brighter tail and brake lights are more visible, alerting others to your presence. Check them regularly, replacing bulbs and fuses as needed.

What You Should Know About Noise and Accident Prevention

While some folks might not appreciate the sounds of your tailpipes, it is common knowledge amongst bikers that loud pipes can save lives. Just as your lights can help to draw attention to your motorcycle, so can the legal noise associated with loud tailpipes.

It is also important that you hear what is happening around you, particularly when traveling in the city. Don’t wear earplugs. You might miss sounds that a motorcycle collision is imminent. Maintain your sense of hearing to ensure that you are fully aware of traffic conditions while riding on the city streets of PA.

Approach Stops with Care

To prevent a motorcycle collision from the rear, it is vital that you give yourself opportunities for escape. Gradually reduce your speed as you approach stops to give the driver behind you sufficient time to respond. Also, leave plenty of space between the vehicle in front of your motorcycle and you. This should provide enough room for you to move should the approaching driver fail to slow and stop.

Steps for Handling a Rear End Motorcycle Collision

Taking these precautions can help you avoid becoming another accident statistic. However, if another driver strikes your vehicle, you need to be prepared. Seek medical attention immediately and report the motorcycle collision to the proper authorities. Then, obtain legal assistance.

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