Three Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Lane Splitting

Even with advances in motorcycle awareness and safety gear technology, operating a motorcycle is still more dangerous than driving a car. A large part of this risk comes from the fact that riders are more exposed to injury than passengers in an enclosed car. Unfortunately, many accidents are also caused by drivers who fail to see the smaller motorcycles because they are only scanning the road for larger vehicles. A motorcycle accident attorney deals with many kinds of accidents where other drivers are responsible, but some accidents can be avoided with extra awareness and defensive driving.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can be deadly for any driver, but they are especially fatal for someone on a motorcycle. This type of accident occurs during lane passing, turns, or because of poor driving conditions. Drivers cross into the lane reserved for oncoming traffic for a variety of reasons, but the situation can be deadly if they fail to see an oncoming bike.

Left-Hand Turns

Left-hand turns cause all sorts of problems for motorcyclists. Some car drivers still aren’t used to seeing and expecting motorcycles. In addition, cars turning left at an intersection can swipe or block motorcycles that they didn’t see coming. Usually, the car that causes the motorcycle crash is held responsible, but things get murky if the motorcyclist was passing from behind the car or the accident happened without witnesses. Be sure to hire a motorcycle accident attorney with experience handling these specific kinds of cases.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting, as the name suggests, is when a motorcycle drives between two lanes and the cars in those lanes. This is often done in traffic jams. However, the tight spaces, car drivers’ lack of awareness, and frustration at being stuck in a traffic jam can result in collisions. The legality of lane splitting is determined by a number of factors, including state law and the actions of both drivers. It is very important, then, to hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can successfully navigate these factors and give a motorcycle driver the defense they deserve.


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