When Motor Vehicle Accidents Are Caused By Technical Failure

Interior of car after accident with deployed airbag
Although vehicles are manufactured according to strict safety standards, serious accidents can still be caused by technical failure or defective parts. At Thomas, Conrad & Conrad, our motor vehicle accident attorneys all have more than 25 years of experience, each handling all types of auto and motorcycle accident cases and can help you recover compensation if you’ve been injured due to an accident caused by technical failure.

5 Common Reasons For Technical Failure

  1. Brake Failure — Faulty brakes are one of the common mechanical defects that can lead to technical failure and serious or even fatal accidents.
  2. Tire Blowouts — Although technology has made tires safer, defects still occur. In 2000, Firestone had to recall millions of tires installed on the Ford Explorer and other related vehicles after multiple tire failures caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of catastrophic injuries.
  3. Faulty Steering & Suspension Systems — If a steering or suspension system malfunctions when a vehicle is traveling at high speed, it can cause a major accident no matter how experienced the driver is. Improperly aligned suspension can result in uneven tires, which can easily cause an accident.
  4. Defective Lights — Most auto accidents occur at night. Low visibility when it’s dark outside means that you depend on headlights to see and brake lights and tail lights to alert other drivers of your presence. Broken or dim lights can cause very serious accidents.
  5. Malfunctioning or Faulty Windshield Wipers — Properly functioning, good quality wipers are a must for safe driving. If your vehicle’s wipers malfunction when you’re driving in the rain or snow, you will immediately lose visibility, which can lead to car crashes.

Who Is At Fault For Technical Failure?

If your car recently underwent maintenance or was repaired, if a newly replaced part was installed incorrectly or malfunctioned, your mechanic or repair shop could be liable for your injuries.

The manufacturer of a vehicle may be at fault for an accident if there was a defect in the way the car was designed, manufactured or built. For example, Toyota was forced to recall millions of vehicles and settle class action lawsuits after an investigation found that the accelerator pedal had a tendency to get stuck, which caused quite a few serious accidents.

The manufacturer of a specific part may also be responsible for your injuries if that part was the cause of an accident.

A Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident caused by technical failure, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and additional expenses. These types of cases can be complex, and our skilled motor vehicle accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge to navigate the often frustrating insurance claims and personal injury lawsuit processes.

Call Thomas, Conrad & Conrad at 610-867-2900 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Our seasoned legal team will fight for your rights to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.


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